Friday, July 2, 2010

Lead balloons.

Jacket: thrifted.  Necklace:  gifted.  Shoes:  Nine West.  Dress:  Grandview Weekend Outlet, purveyors of years-old Target merchandise with tags still on, altered by yours truly and a pair of Fiskars.

Thanks all for your comments on my last post, whether on the post, emailed, or in person... keep 'em coming.  I'm feeling especially primed to hear others' opinions lately.

Last night was another stand-up night, and my first that didn't really go very well.  It was a tough crowd, and even the most experienced comedians were having a rough go of it... that, and I was trying out all new material.. but who WOULDN'T laugh about inter-species relations, NAMBLA and one hell of a number two?  Jerks, that's who.

But really, you can never blame the audience.  Sure, a late-night drinking audience full of intelligent people with a depth of pop-culture knowledge is the ideal, but that's not always what you get... the hope is that you can be funny to all, or just shitty with grace.  Me thinks grace is easier to cultivate than universal hilarity.

I am actually glad to have had a relatively bad night... just to prove to myself that my ability to go to my safe place is unshakeable.  "I am sitting with a fawn in a sun-dappled glen.... I am sitting with a fawn in a sun-dappled glen...."

Above, the ensemble I wore to the whole affair... the dress used to be a maxi dress, but upon bringing it home, I discovered its horrific A-Line shape that made me look like any chess piece other than the knight.  So, I cut it off into this asymmetrical flamenco-y hem.  I wore this to work, and like a lot of things I wear to work, I only realize their indecency once I get there.  One of my bosses did compliment me on it, but it was also her last day and she was drunk and full of cake and meatballs.  Therefore.... this is a dress better suited to a barbecue...

Til later,



alya said...

Oh, what a shame about the stand up! Well like you said at least it proves you can take a hit and keep going.

I really like the hem of your dress/skirt, too, and that you cut it yourself is even cooler!

As for the "blacklisting" we were discussing on the comment section of my own blog: What both of us had decided was that said site is quite overpriced for the quality of the items. I have only ever bought one thing and it was on sale so that it wasn't an amazing piece of craft didn't bother me enough to return it. As such I can't attest to their customer service or employee's knowledge, but your story is very believable. Now I just hope we're talking about the same place, 'cause if not this entire thing was pointless...hahahaha.

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