Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I didn't know they did this anymore!

I went visiting friends and family this past weekend in Cincinnati, and a visit to the 'Nati brings with it the inevitability of some juicy thrifting.

Across the street from the Valley Thrift Store on Reading Road (my go-to thrift store), is an Antique Mall. Now, typically, this is a look-and-don't-buy situation, but I found a fantastic bin there with all sorts of amazing little pins all through it and much to my surprise, I found these black-and-white beauties -- a horse and articulated peacock-- for only $5 apiece! Let me do a little research, but they look very 1930's to me.

I'll close a button-less cardigans with these, or pendant-ify it and put it on a thin, gold chain.

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